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Welcome to the Down Syndrome Association's Resource Directory page! Here you will find a collection of valuable resources that can assist individuals with Down syndrome, their families, caregivers, and educators. We have compiled a range of resources to cover a variety of topics, from healthcare and education to advocacy and support services. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive list of resources that can enhance the lives of those with Down syndrome and empower them to reach their full potential.

  • The ARC Space Coast

    Residential program, day services for adults

  • Brevard County Parks & Recreation

    Day Program, summer camp

  • Early Steps

    Early intervention services ages under 3

  • The Scott Center for Autism

    The Scott Center for Autism Treatment at Florida Institute of Technology is a not-for-profit healthcare clinic founded in 2009 by Ed and Cheryl Scott and former U.S. Senator Dave Weldon. We are an integrated component of Florida Tech’s graduate program in Behavior Analysis, specializing in training, research and treatment in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Our clinic is dedicated to improving the quality of life of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and related disabilities in Central Florida.

  • S.O.A.K

    Autism Support group

  • Promise in Brevard

    Independent housing for individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities utilizing public and private partnerships to develop a model community.

  • Brevard Zoo Exceptional Nature Space/Family Nature Club

    Exceptional Nature Space, a behind-the-scenes natural play area with an authentic outdoor experience. The area is a modified natural habitat that is both safe and stimulating. It is designed to be flexible to meet the unique needs of children with varying exceptionalities.

  • Resource Center for Disability Solutions

    Transition services, Brevard transportation services, independent living training and more

  • Brevard Achievement Center

    Employment assistance, supports employment, job training, adult day training program, career exploration

  • Angels Bridging Gaps

    Enrichment program for adults with unique abilities

  • Mosaic Down Syndrome

    Bree's stories about her daughter Morgan, who was born with Mosaic Down syndrome.

  • Down Syndrome: A Day to Day Guide

    Collection of notes, research and personal experience to help you best care for your loved one who has a little "extra"!

  • Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota Blog

    DSAMN Blog

  • Down Syndrome Center of Western Pennsylvania Podcast

    This is the podcast series for the Down Syndrome Center of Western Pennsylvania at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.

  • If We Knew Then

    We are Stephen and Lori Saux and welcome to the If We Knew Then Podcast. Well this podcast aims to share honest and useful conversations about supports, therapies, education and society as it pertains to Down Syndrome advocacy and parenting.

  •  TALK Down Syndrome

    TALK Down Syndrome is a podcast created to show the world how Down Syndrome is truly amazing. Our goal is to inspire others through stories and interviews about Down syndrome and to advocate the importance of fair laws for our loved ones with Down syndrome!

  • T21Mom Podcast

    A family podcast about Down syndrome, single parenting, special needs, and pretty much everything in between.

  • The LowDOWN | A Down Syndrome Podcast

    The LowDOWN: A Down Syndrome Podcast brings a professional perspective on issues facing individuals with Down syndrome and their loved ones. Hosts Marla Folden and Hina Mahmood of the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation welcome North America's leading Down syndrome experts, parents and self-advocates to cover topics from across the lifespan including health, physical and intellectual development, advocacy, employment and much more.

  • A Little Something Extra

    A Little Something Extra podcast, with Nancy Gianni and The GiGi, a Little Something Extra is the first video podcast hosted by an individual with Down syndrome!

  • Down Syndrome with a Slice of Autism

    Down Syndrome with a Slice of Autism – Just another site, Here to help you navigate co-occurring Down syndrome and autism. Nick is 29 years old and has DS-ASD. This is Nick's world, the rest of us are just trying to keep up!

  • National Down Syndrome Adoption Network

    Resource and agency to help assist parents in the adoption process beginning to end. For both birth parents and adoptive parents.

  • Canadian Down Syndrome Society

    We provide reliable information and connections to people with Down syndrome and those who support them, while positively shaping the social and policy contexts in which they live. The CDSS strives to create a proud Canada where all are welcome.

  • Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome

    To assist and support, through fellowship and action, the fathers and families of individuals with Down syndrome.

  • Family Liaison Project

    Free IEP/504 Help

  • Space Coast Discovery

    Daycare & private school services

  • Parkhurst Academy

    Private school with disability program

  • Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School

    Private school with disability program

  • Great Leaps Academy

    Great Leaps Academy takes a whole-child approach to learning. Analysts, teachers, and support staff work together to meet the academic, social, behavioral, and independent living skills for each and every child we serve.

  • Brevard Christian Early Intervention Center

    A non-profit school for children with special needs

  • Eastern Florida Autism Center

    We pride ourselves on providing quality behavior services with the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis as our foundation. No two children are the same, and as a result, behavior plans are not a one size fits all. We believe in an individualized approach allowing for the subtle differences that make the child a unique individual.

  • ABLE Academics

    Able Academics is a company that has a collective mission to create a unique learning environment that meet students' individual needs.

  • Puzzle Box Academy

    Private school for Private school for exceptional educational experiences that allow each student to be their best self and prepare them for a life of purpose

  • The IEP Advocate

    Private pay IEP/504 advocate

  • Down Syndrome Education

    We work to improve early intervention and education for children with Down syndrome around the world.

  • Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County, CA

    We partner with families, educators, and organizations around the world to enhance education for learners with Down syndrome.

  • Longwood University

    A college experience for students with disabilities in transition from high school to adulthood.

  • Inclusive Schooling

    Inclusive Schooling offers live and online courses, workshops, presentations and innovative support focused on creating and supporting more inclusive schools.

  • Affordable Colleges Online

    Resources for students with disabilities

  • Hope Haven


  • Signing Time

    Sign language streaming service/videos for babies & kids

  • Easter Seals Florida

    Easter seals serves 1.4 million children and adults with disabilities and their families, offering a wide range of services at 74 affiliates nationwide. We change the way the world defines and views disability by making profound, positive differences in people's lives every day, helping our clients build the skills and access the resources they need to live, learn, work and play. Easter seals Florida provides services to 40 of the 67 counties in Florida. We strive to meet the needs of each community and ensure that the people we serve can reach their full potential

  • Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida

    The Foundation provides people with Down syndrome and families opportunities to enhance their lives through strategic partnerships, unique programs that create 'inclusion' settings naturally, family support and meaningful community involvement. The Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida is a non-profit organization* started by a group of visionary parents who wanted to have a direct impact on children, families and the community as they journeyed through life with a loved one with Down syndrome. We are a grassroots organization made up of volunteers that believe that through creative programs and partnerships we can facilitate opportunities and experiences so that there is no mystery or myth about people with Down syndrome.

  • University of Miami, Mailman Center for Child Development

    Improving lives for people with disabilities and their families through Innovation, Connection, and Impact

  • UCF Center for Autism and Related Disabilities

    Our primary service is to provide individualized, direct consultative assistance to individuals with autism and related disabilities in Central Florida and their families. Other services include technical assistance and consultation, professional training programs, and public education activities. CARD services are designed to build on the capacities of state and local resources, not to duplicate or replace them. The Center is funded by the Florida Legislature through the Florida Department of Education and all services are provided free of charge.

  • US Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs

    Dedicated to improving results for infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities ages birth through 21 by providing leadership and financial support to assist states and local districts.

  • Agency for Persons with Disabilities

    Where you apply for med waiver do this now there is a waitlist of 25k people

  • Florida KidCare

    Insurance based on income (income chart:

  • Social Security Income for Children

    Application for SSI benefits for minors

  • Social Security Disability Benefit

    Application for SSDI for adults over 18

  • Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities Resource Directory

    The Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) maintains this community resource directory as an informational tool to help individuals with disabilities learn about free and low-cost programs available in their respective areas.

  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

    The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a law that makes available a free appropriate public education to eligible children with disabilities throughout the nation and ensures special education and related services to those children.

  • Specs4Us

    Specs4Us recognized the need for a eyeglass frame line that gives a solution to individuals with low nose bridges.

  • Down Syndrome Pregnancy

    Down Syndrome Pregnancy is a program administered by the National Center for Prenatal and Postnatal Resources at the University of Kentucky's Human Development Institute. We provide honest, compassionate, medically-reviewed, and informative support for those preparing for the birth of a baby with Down syndrome. 

  • Down Syndrome Clinic to You (DSC2U)

    We created Down Syndrome Clinic to You (DSC2U) to bring the best of health and wellness information about Down syndrome to caregivers and primary care physicians around the globe. We believe that location and personal finances should never prevent someone from accessing the best and most timely medical information for a loved one with Down syndrome

  • Basic American Sign Language Dictionary

    A free basic dictionary of American Sign Language Terms.

  • ASL Pro

    American Sign Language Video Dictionaries and Quizzes, with FREE TEACHER ACCOUNTS to create customized quizzes for reviewing and teaching your students ON AN iPAD!

  • Deaf Linx

    Resources to fight audism through empowerment and education.

  • Deaf Websites

    Provide information for deaf awareness, culture, and resources.

  • American Sign Language Resource Guide Listing

    Provides listing of American Sign Language Resource Guides

  • Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital

    Children's hospital with pediatric specialties & emergency care

  • Advent Health for Children

  • Nemours Children's Hospital

    Children's hospital with pediatric specialties & emergency care

  • Pediatrics in Brevard

    Pediatric practices throughout Brevard County

  • Brevard Health Alliance

    Pediatric and Adult practices throughout Brevard County

  • Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group-USA

    DSMIG-USA® is a group of health professionals committed to promoting the optimal health care and wellness of individuals with DS across the lifespan.

  • Autism Speaks/Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Provides information on people with Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • The National Association of Dual Diagnosis

    To promote leadership in the expansion of knowledge, training, policy, and advocacy for mental health practices that promote a quality life for individuals with dual diagnosis (IDD/MI) in their communities.

  • DS-Autism Connection

    Provide specialized outreach through supported, education, and resources to increase awareness of the unique challenges caused by co-occurring Down syndrome and autism.

  • Adult Down Syndrome Center

    Clinic for adolescents and adults with DS. Resources online

  • HealthWell Foundation

    Assists with copays, premiums, deductibles, and out of pocket expenses. Must complete application to apply and meet family income guidelines,

  • United Healthcare Children's Foundation

    Provides financial support for gaps in medical services including copays and other costs not covered by commercial insurance. Must complete application to apply and meet family income guidelines.

  • National Organization for Rare Disorders

    We provide patient assistance programs to help individuals living with rare diseases: Obtain medication, Receive financial help with insurance premiums and co-pays, Get diagnostic testing assistance, Receive travel assistance for clinical trials or consultation with disease specialists, Provide caregiver respite, Offer support during emergencies, Gain knowledge about rare diseases, and Connect with other patient assistance programs.

  • Medical Care Guidelines for Adults with Down Syndrome

    Medical care guidelines for adults with Down Syndrome from Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

  • Toolkit for Transitioning to Adult Medical Care

    Toolkit for Transitioning to Adult Medical Care

  • American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines for Health Supervision for Children and Adolescents With Down Syndrome

    This clinical report is designed to assist the pediatrician in caring for the child, adolescent, and family in whom a diagnosis of Down syndrome has been confirmed by chromosome analysis or suspected by prenatal screening. 

  • Dental Care Guidance for Caregivers of Patients with Down Syndrome

    Dental Care Guidance for Caregivers of Patients with Down Syndrome

  • Growth Charts for Down Syndrome

    Growth Charts for Down Syndrome

  • Healthy Children from American Academy of Pediatrics

    Parenting information website

  • Spread the Word: Inclusion

    We think the world would be better if everyone were included. Around the world, exclusion and discrimination continue to divide people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are changing that with grassroots action for inclusion. That’s Spread the Word.

  • United Way 211

    The United Way can help you connect with many resources and services in your area, and answer many questions about obtaining assistance.

  • Aunt Bertha

    Search and connect to support. Financial assistance, food pantries, medical care, and other free or reduced-cost help starts here.

  • Disability Resources

    The Disability Resource Community is a platform designed for people with disabilities, their family members and caregivers to ask questions, share resources and build community around the things that matter most. 

  • Exceptional Parent

    Dedicated to be the ultimate resource for everything related to the special needs community. Providing practical advice, emotional support, current trending news and educational information to empower caregivers and families of children and adults with disabilities and special healthcare needs. 

  • Reece's Rainbow

    To advocate and find families for orphans with Down syndrome and other special needs concerning adoption.

  • Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality

    The Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality (SATH), founded in 1976, is an educational nonprofit membership organization whose mission is to raise awareness of the needs of all travelers with disabilities, remove physical and attitudinal barriers to free access and expand travel opportunities in the United States and abroad.

  • Down Syndrome International Swimming Organisation

    To provide swimmers with Down Syndrome the opportunity to swim at World Class level through it’s World Championships held every two years.

  • Special Olympics Florida

    Special Olympics is NOT an event. We are a movement, inviting the world not just to attend Games but to think, feel, and act differently about everything – to come help create a world of acceptance and inclusion for all.

  • Harmony Farms

    Equine Therapy (horseback riding)

  • Special Olympics Brevard

    Sports for 8+ in Brevard County

  • Buddy Cruise

    Buddy Cruise is a 501c3 non-profit charity providing educational opportunities and resources for families, while promoting awareness, advocacy, and inclusion for individuals with special needs. Join us for our unique annual conference at sea! A Buddy Cruise not only gives you the opportunity to gain information through educational workshops & events, but you will network with others from across the globe that are in "the same boat", and form lasting bonds. Families who have a hard time finding a scenario to meet all family members’ needs are accommodated with a variety of activities for all ages and abilities.

  • Nathaniel's Hope

    Nathaniel’s Hope celebrates kids with special needs (our VIPs) as well as educates and equips communities and churches to provide FREE respite care and programs to enrich the lives of VIP families.

Our Goal

Through our community activities, events and funding for our local families, we are striving to build a supportive culture of awareness, acceptance and advocacy throughout Brevard county.

DSAB is fully funded by generous donations from local partners in advocacy and people like you! All of our funds stay in Brevard county to directly support individuals with Down syndrome and their families living here.

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